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Artisan Hand Tools, INC

World-Class Products. Made in the USA.

Custom Services

At Artisan Hand Tools, INC, we provide a service that most other hand tool manufacturers do not. We can custom make products to your specifications. Contact us if you need a quote.

Private Labeling

Artisan Hand Tools, INC

We understand the need to promote your own company. If you prefer your name on the product, give us a call and let us know what you are thinking.

Bit Manufacturing

Artisan Hand Tools, INC

We manufacture a complete line of insert and power bits. We can custom make specific length or tip dimensions if you have the need. We can also private label specifically for you.

Blade Manufacturing

Artisan Hand Tools, INC

Artisan Hand Tools, INC offers custom blade manufacturing services. If you have a specific length, diameter, or tip configuration, and are tired of importing your screwdriver blades from overseas, we will work with you on your quantity and delivery requirements.