Licensed TORX® Manufacturer


What that means to us.

ARTISAN Hand Tools, Inc. is dedicated to the manufacture of fastener driver products made in the USA. We pride ourselves in making the highest quality products available in the marketplace today. Products that perform. Products that last. Products that you can depend on. Products that you would be proud to own.

What does that really mean? All of the raw materials and processes required to produce our products are from other American companies just like ours.

Manufacturing in America became world renowned in the early 19th century and helped foster revolutionary innovations. It has been a fundamental building block for global invention as well as our own economic success as a nation.  America has been at the forefront of manufacturing for hundreds of years, not to mention a pioneer of ethical work practices and labor laws.

It’s all about what really matters.

  • Our Jobs

  • Our Economy

  • Our Planet

  • Our Independence

  • Our Safety and Security

  • Our American Dream

There's no question that manufacturing still has a major impact on our economy, on the nation's workforce and our way of life. As a consumer, you make global decisions every time you go to buy anything. You have a choice. Whether you spend your hard earned money on products made in America or overseas. In 1960, 8 percent of American purchases were imported goods. In 2010, nearly 60 percent of everything we buy is now made overseas.

When we make the decision to purchase a product, we may ask ourselves: Is buying American-made really more expensive? If I buy American-made, am I getting a better product? And what difference would it make if everyone promised to buy more American-made products?

If you choose an ARTISAN Hand Tool product, you will be getting your money’s worth.