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Welcome to ARTISAN Hand Tools

ARTISAN Hand Tools, Inc. was formed in March of 2011 and founded with the belief that there was a need for a small, independent manufacturer of fastener driver products and other specialty hand tools that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of quality, American made, screwdrivers, nut drivers, multi-tools and accessories.

Why ARTISAN Hand Tools

You can find screwdrivers being sold almost anywhere. They can be found in almost any kind of store. Your local hardware store or building supply center and even in your supermarket, right between the scotch tape and light bulbs. You can even order one online from hundreds of web sites. With all these options available to you, why would you choose ARTISAN? You may ask yourself, “What’s the big deal? What’s the difference what brand it is or what country it was made in, as long as the tool works.”
Well, not all tools are alike. They may all look the same. They may feel the same. They may all even work, once or twice. But there really is a difference.
ARTISAN Hand Tools, Inc. is dedicated to the manufacture of fastener driver products, 100% made in the USA. That is all that we do. We pride ourselves in making the highest quality products available in the marketplace today. Products that perform. Products that last. Products that you can depend on. Products you can make a living with. Products that you would be proud to own.
In today's global marketplace, with similar product coming from all over, there are only a few things that would make ARTISAN Hand Tools your supplier. Quality Product, Responsive Customer Service, On-Time Delivery.
We are totally committed to a Quality Program built on employee involvement throughout all levels of the organization. Only through their dedication can a total commitment to quality be achieved to deliver on time, the highest quality products at a competitive price, to satisfied customers. That is our mission. We are never satisfied and work tirelessly to advance and improve the process each and every day.